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A Mindful Traveller

Katrina Engelsted was born and raised in the lovely state of Massachusetts. With constant sabaticles to other parts of the world, she spent many summers in Denmark and attended an expedition school in Colorado (HMI). She learned how to read maps and get her way around unfamiliar places and terrain quickly.  From the hills of Arusha (Tanzania) to the streets of Leogane (Haiti), Katrina has navigated six continents in her pursuit of learning more about this globalized world and how she can contribute to it.  After doing conservation work around Australia and backpacking through Europe with her sister, Katrina studied at Colgate University with a concentration in geography and Asian Studies.  She worked in the Colgate Outdoor Education program.  She spent a year in India learning some of the history and contemporary issues of this grand country, as well as about the fledging organic farming and sustainability movements occurring in Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu (more specifically, Auroville).  After graduating from school, she spent the year volunteering with All Hands in Leogane, Haiti and Cagayan de Oro, Philippines for disaster response (Please donate to All Hands or contribute your sweat through volunteering– it is an amazing organization).

Making friends in all corners of the world.

Getting rid of trash– the unfortunate way.

Katrina is currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia working for the Humanitarian Openstreet Map Team (HOT).  Feel free to read about her work here.


One response to “About & Resume

  1. Hi,
    Nice to know about your experience in GIS and specifically in CartoDB. I am in need of your help.
    I am trying to setup CartoDB on my local machine but not able to setup. I would like to use CartoDB without internet connection and where I can upload my shapefile and use postgis DB. I refer’d https://github.com/CartoDB/cartodb for installation. But I am getting stuck on “Install Windshaft-cartodb” step, which is almost final step.

    So If I give remote access of my machine through TV, then is it possible for you to help me ?

    You can reach me on kanhaiya@indictranstech.com

    Thanks for your kind help.

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