Asian traveling

Getting on planes, trains, and buses is always an interesting adventure in asia.  Plane passengers are generally unaware that they are taking up aisle space when they take chat and put their bags up in he overhead compartments.  Some are overly pushy- thinking that it is a race to getc into their seat.  I like jeepney rides because when you think there is no more room to fit a person on they put in three more.  It’s amazing gnat how much seat room some people hog in the jeepneys. 

Right now there is a shrieking boy right behind me.  Generally I don’t find them that annoying but this one has mastered the high pitches.  He can hit notes I didn’t even think humanly possible. 

Note:  I think I can now memorize safety videos on delta.  Can’t they spruce them up a little with airplane trivia and quizzes.  Speaking of quizzes, Cebu air always has three trivia questions and one always ends up being about umbrellas.  What is colorful and protects you from the rain?

I am super impressed with the Air Asia in flight magazine.  I am learning so much from this piece of literature.  It makes me realize how big Asia is.  There are so many people in this world… 

On another note, apparently very soon we will be able to charge our phones without cables. Wipower ( Also, Microsoft is working on technology that allows you to perform actions on computer screens without touching them (

I never held China as being big on sports but apparently 58% of employees in China admitted to calling in sick at work to watch a sports game (with India and great Britain following).  Does that statistic allude to a gender issue that maybe China has more male employees polled?  Hmmm. 

Note to self… send some travel pictures in for contests and write an article for 800 words.  Highbrow 1mbeki. Name, address email, telephone no.


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