Week one in Jakarta

I am back in Jakarta to work for humanitarian openstreet map team.  We are working in a project with the Indonesian government and funded by Australia aid to map out the high risk areas of Indonesia.  This would allow for better preventstive planning for disasters.  Kate chap,an, the director of HOT, has already worked here for about a ear with two over Indonesians, emir and Va.  This week we are continuing their efforts by training six more OSM experts.  They are all quite shy with only inequality of the males wanting to practice English with me.  While they are learning about the basics of OSM and hope to teahouse the beginning workshop for next week, I have been working on writing the advanced tutorial for OSM.  It is six chapters long and covers openstreetmap in relation to postGIS, Mapnik styling, github, mapbox webstyling, etc.  I wish something like this had been out when I was a student.  OSM definitely makes it easier to collect data, especially for local projects, if you have a GPS and satellite imagery, which is often provided as a background.

Thusfar, I have been having a decent week.  I am having difficulty living in a stale apartment that I can’t put plants in because we will be traveling too much.  On Sunday, I leave for a month to an Indonesian province east of Timor, java island and Bali.  I am excited to see these areas.  Hopefully I can get out of he workshop room and car to walk around a little… I do loveyraveling but it becomes hard when you always have to eat out and can’t decorate a room (or grow things).


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