See you later Philippines

The last few weeks of project went by quickly.  We continued building houses in our new site, the Mahogany Forest (a plantation of Mahogany trees).  All Hands is working with WFO and has started a Cash for Work program, which enables victims of the floods to make some money for their families.  There are certain requirements for enrolling in the program, such as they are the main provider in the family, and the program only last a couple of weeks.  All Hands put these twenty victims to work digging septics and levelling the floors.

Levelling the floors became my main task for the last few weeks.  It involved putting up string across the inside of the building and then filling dirt so that it was evenly 10 cm below the string.  Once the floor was level and compressed we would dig a 15 cm trench for the plumbing and then add electricity lines.  We would also dig a little trench for the bathroom bricks to be laid in.  After all of that then we would fill the room with 5 cm of gravel.  The fastest way to fill the rooms was to shovel gravel and dirt into cement bags and then carry them into the rooms.  It was a workout!  Especially since some of the rooms needed a couple of feet of dirt.  Most of the room we actually had to scrap dirt out.    I worked on levelling for a little bit over a week.  Depending on the size of the team, we could get one room done per person on team.  For example, if there were three people then we usually got three rooms done. 

Other highlights include a visit from the mayor of CDO and his biker gang, a pizza party for the workers at lunch courtesy of Dave, spending nights off base in a rented nippa hut, etc.



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