Manila, PH

Thursday was an interesting day in that I got to know the city of Manila, as well as my hostel bed a little better.  I walked around the city to get a feel of the hustle and bustle.  Street vendors here are mainly selling mangoes, corn, peanuts, rice and soup dishes and bananas.  The city is quite clean and most streets are swept daily; however, there are still many people sleeping on streets.  After getting a wee bit lost, finding a mall to buy some batteries and water bottles, and spending a little too much time in the 7elevens that are around every corner, I went back to the hostel to take a nap.  The nap was a little longer than expected and I ended up waking up around 8pm.  I stayed up for an hour to socialize and then passed out until 930am the next day.  Oops.

Today was fun.  I got a good haircut from a very stylish man.  I think it was the best haircut I’ve ever gotten actually.  It has texture and layers.  And only for $5.  Lia would probably say that it looks like a mullet, but I like it.  I also explored another mall that everyone at the hostel talks about: Robinson mall.  I now understand why everyone talks about malls and ‘malling’ here in Manila.   They are material meccas.  These malls are three stories tall and incredibly overwhelming.   This one was by far the largest mall I have ever been in.

I will continue my Philippine observations later…


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