Tech Tools and Emergency Management

I am in the process of taking a course on by TechChange on Tech Tools and Emergency Management.  Not only are the readings fascinating, but the comments and other individuals taking the course have fascinating stories to tell as well.  There seems to be a lot of discussion on the future of databases and information management during crisis times.  Though, really I think we need to look into database and organization schemes for everyday life as well because there is just so much information being flooded our way.  Take for example emails.  I don’t even have a job that involves checking emails, but I get hundreds a day.  And on multiple email accounts.  There must be a way to organize and categorize even mundane things, such as emails, in a new system.

Thusfar, I have learned that mobiles are not only used in disasters to provide food and water, but they are now being used to give farmers tips on weather and when to plant or harvest, as well as used for banking.

Things to check out:

Crisis    Mapping,    Humanitarian    Principles    and    the    application    of    Protection    Standards”

Semantic web


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